About Mercante Bros.

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Carlo and Renato Mercante business continues to be family owned and operated

Our Story

Founded by Carlo and Renato Mercante, our business continues to be family owned and operated.

We have become well known in the Hamilton and surrounding areas for our quality workmanship & expertise. Our commitment to personal customer service is second to none, we are always a cell phone call away.

Our experience in the industry started in 1983 with Pools in Burlington over 30 years ago. Our understanding and knowledge of concrete is extensive with over 12 years in heavy construction with commercial concrete installation of roads, walls, bridges and structural supports etc.

Our Expertise

At Mercante Bros., we specialize in crafting exceptional inground pools through a fusion of expertise in concrete and stonework. Our team leverages years of experience to design and construct inground pools that stand the test of time.

Our expertise includes:

* Customized Pool Design and Construction
* Precision Concrete Work for Pool Foundations
* Artistic Stonework for Surrounding Pool Areas
* Seamless Integration of Water Features
* Efficient Pool Maintenance and Repair Services

Our Mission

At Mercante Bros., our mission is to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences. We are committed to creating innovative and breathtaking inground pools that blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings using concrete and stonework.

We strive to:

* Exceed Customer Expectations with Every Project
* Promote Sustainable Practices in Pool Construction
* Foster a Culture of Craftsmanship and Excellence
* Enhance Outdoor Living Spaces with Aesthetic and Functional Designs
* Build Lasting Relationships Based on Trust and Quality Work

Why Choose Us

Expertise and Experience
Quality Materials
Customer Satisfaction
Affordable Pricing